One day the game My Summer Vacation was popular.

You guys like to travel.

You guys like to travel. I also liked traveling and went abroad often. But, after all, Japan is good. It is still nice to travel domestically. There are many areas that have not been done yet. Since I was born again as a Japanese, there are many places I'd like to visit once. Even once I went there, there are places I would like to visit again. Somehow, sometimes you feel different even in the same scenery when you go to a different age. In addition, the impression may also be different. That is why it is meaningful to travel. From now on, if it comes to summer, the number of people going on the trip may also increase. It may be nice to have Tohoku or Hokkaido again in the summer. If it comes to being a summer vacation, the sea is nice, but Nagano can be really cool as well. Whoever does not go yet, once you go? I wonder if I will go to a place I'd like to visit once again this summer in places I've been to once. I want to spend cool time after all.