One day the game My Summer Vacation was popular.

One day, the game

One day, the game ""My Summer Vacation"" was popular. As for memories of my trip, gentle memories like this game are burned up as the most enjoyable trip. Although I am already a parting person, I have been to play at his parents house. It was like I had to use a car to go to a convenience store in Niigata prefecture. I departed by car at midnight and arrived at around 4 o'clock in the morning, but first of all I remember feeling that ""night was so dark."" But, surprisingly, there was no calm. Of course, neither the sound of a car nor the voice of a person is done. What I felt bustling is the insect barking sound. I heard that all the insects are so many and I hear so many different voices. I was brought up in the country and I should have grown up in such an environment, but I seem to have completely forgotten. His parents' house always kept the key open. When we opened the window, glittering green rice was spreading all over the eyes, and when we were talking in the living room, a big dragonfly went through the room. In the evening I ran slowly slowly through the mountain road by car, and I looked for beetles and stag beetles. A lot of insects gathered under the light of the unpopular dam or under the light of the way that retracted a bit. When I was a child, I was fascinated by moths flying around the incredible place and insects that I do not know well, and I was fascinated by taking insects, but when I grow up, it seems like a big fuss just by having a single moth flying I became myself. But as soon as I was in the same situation as I was, I was back to myself when I was a child. I was not afraid of moths clinging to my arms and the beetle, and more than that, I was crazy dancing in the wild beetle that I found for the first time in my life. Memory that was fun when I was a child was genuine ... I, I felt that vivid time was revived, at that time, I was happy and happy like this. There were no rare buildings, nice open-air baths, no special dishes, but I was able to time slip around my childhood when I was a child only with memories and memories, but something very warm inside of me It was a trip that left me.