About Hospital Walks

Hospital walks was developed as part of Saolta University Healthcare Group’s commitment to promote and generate momentum for the health and wellbeing agenda in the HSE. It will support the delivery of the Healthy Ireland in the Health Services 2015 – 2017 Implementation Plan, the Saolta Healthy Ireland Implementation Plan 2015-2017 and the People Strategy 2015-2018.

The initiative was supported by the National Health and Wellbeing Division, the Department of Health Promotion and Improvement, HSE West, and staff across the Saolta group.

Hospital walks highlights both internal and external accessible walking routes across the seven hospitals in the Saolta Group. Walks are coloured coded and measured in relation to step count, distance in kilometres and duration while walking at a moderate pace.

This website highlights interactive maps, slide shows and photos of all the routes, to ensure clarity and accessibility for all staff, patients and visitors which will support and encourage them to integrate more physical activity into their day. PDF’s of maps are also available to download or print.

There is an established evidence base of studies supporting the benefits of physical activity for improving physical and mental health in both the long and short term. Even a short walk can provide immediate health benefits such as a boost in feel good hormones and better circulation.

For staff, why not set up a local walking group and take 15 minutes on your break to stretch the legs, get some fresh air into the lungs and have a chat with colleagues? We hope you enjoy walking these routes and incorporate them into your daily routine as part of a healthy lifestyle.

You can get lots more tips at the following websites: